Precisely search all your source repos in milliseconds.

Gitgrep because (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Cloud source repositories are great for pushing and pulling code. Without naming names, some can really suck be very bad.

“Remember there was that thing that was used once that did a sort of thing I need right now? What was it?” A few hundred milliseconds and you could have your answer. Stay in the flow. Get shit done.

Markdown READMEs are fantastic. If you’ve also been using them as a Wiki, you may have trouble finding what you know should be in there. Gitgrep searches Github wikis too. Need I say more?


Try out the live demo but don’t have too much fun. Remember to come back and sign-up so you can search your own repositories.

The login for the demo is ‘[email protected]’ with password ‘demo’.

The ‘Settings’ page ‘Save’ action doesn’t do anything in the demo. You can see how easy it is to set up though.


Q: How easy is it to set up?

A: Add repo urls in settings. Add an ssh key with read access to those repos. Done.

Q: How secure is our data?

A: Quite. Each customer gets their own machine instance from our cloud infrastructure provider. Access to this instance is always via HTTPS and secured by a 256-bit JWT that is generated at login. The source code is available for scrutiny. We believe this security better than potential cost savings with less isolation.

Q: Could we run this ourself?

A: Yes. The software is MIT licenced. You wouldn’t save very much. We want to take care of this distraction so you can focus on building your ideas.

Q: I don’t see a plan that fits our needs.

A: If your needs exceed our standard packages, please contact [email protected] to arrange a specialized offering.


1x Performance
25 GB Capacity


3x Performance
60 GB Capacity


8x Performance
200 GB Capacity
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